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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Well, the day is finally over...


Today has been rather interesting. I was awoken by my mother who had come to tell me that my cousin was on the phone and wanted to chat to me. I went off to the phone in my semiconsious state rather begrudingly due to the fact that my bed was really nice and warm, contrary to the rest of the house, and the sun was so freaking bright! He had called at around 11:00. Being my lazy self, I had slept in. This is common practice for me...

So I started chatting to him on the phone and he was talking to me about all this stuff that he had been feeling over the last two years and had never had the courage to talk about. That is, until he went on David's self-actualisation course!

He went on this course this weekend. Duncan and I have been really paranoid about it and have often jested at the parallels between it and a cult. This is from just how insistent David is that we should all do the course and how it 'changes your life forever!'. However, he is unable to tell us how they achieve this...suspicious? I thought that Duncan was a bit of a nutter for going in the first place but anyhoo...

So as Duncan was talking, it began to register that for the first time in years, he sounded happy! I mean really happy! And I don't mean really in the sense of intensity, I mean he was genuinely happy! It was so nice! I have been really worried about him for ages because he always seemed so sad. I hope that the happiness lasts. My mom pointed out that I should first wait a month or so and then see if the happiness has lasted, which is probably rather wise...

After that I spent the rest of the day thinking about the situation.

I went of to Wits and spent the day working on my behaviour assignment, which is reviewing a paper. The author of this paper is an idiot! This is good because it means that spotting the mistakes in the paper is made much easier for the likes of me!

I've just finished doing that now and so I'm off to go visit Eebee. He lives literally 2 min away so I'm off now. Here is the next killer sunset from Suikerbosrand. Enjoy!

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  1. Dear Luke,

    I hope you haven't disappeared to the Bush again and are chasing Baboons.

    They have ugly bums, you know.

    Me. :>