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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

About being late

Hi all

There are different types of people in this world, everyone knows that. We all have our little niche which we occupy and our own quirks. It appears that my role on this planet is to be the one that is perpetually late. Or just never pitch at all...

This morning, I went to brunch with my friend Alice, who's brother passed away last week. My mother has been meaning to get her a card but never got round to it until last night, when I mentioned that I was going to brunch and she decided that she was going to go to buy one on the way home from dropping my sisters off at school. However, something happened to my grandmother and she had to be taken to hospital to have her hand looked at, so the responability of the card fell onto me.

So, on my way to brunch today I went and got the card at a CNA. Naturally, my indecisiveness at card selection lead to my being late for brunch. I arrived at the Mugg & Bean at Killarney (Shout out to all my peeps at Killarney!) and I gave her the card and we all started chatting and stuff. Then, a little later, a friend of Alice's arrived and produced a gift.

It was at this stage with horror that the reality of the situation dawned on me. It was Alice's birthday and I had completely forgotten...

My mental train was late. Severely overdue. In fact, it never pitched at all.

In a lame attempt to save myself I mentioned in passing that I hadn't had time to go buy her a present yet. However, I'm pretty sure she know's that I am a nitwit.

Then, after we had all ordered food and stuff, the Mugg & Bean people took SO long to bring my food that I ended up late for another thing today! I was supposed to be teaching Eebee and Brian how to do dung analysis and arrived 20 min late, and then took another 10 trying to organise all the stuff that I needed to do it all!

The rest of the day went relatively smoothely but the night is still young! I am supposed to go off to the movies tonight with Eebee and Helen to see 'Over the hedge'. Undoubtably I'll be really late for that too!

A photo from my beach holiday:


  1. LUKE! You're back. :) For some reason, the last post that I saw from you (For a very long time) was written on the 27th of June, and I though 'oh no.. Luke has run away.' But now you're back and i r happy.

    I met a relative of yours yesterday. his name was Duncan. he was cool.

    I don't think you should worry about being late, because I am too, always late. What you find is that if you're late often enough, people just come to expect that of you, so they arrive late as well.

    shhh... it's a secret.

  2. Hey Tom!

    I thought you had also disappeared for a while but you hadn't! Fancy that! I didn't blog for like forever because tons of stuff was going down in my life and I was always just too tired to do it.

    Thanks for the reasurance about the whole being late thing. It's good to know that I am not the only one!