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Thursday, December 28, 2006


Hey Gang!

Today was crunch day for many a South African high school student as it was the day that the final end of year results for the last year of high school, called Matric, were released. My two sisters were amongst that large and rather unhappy group. They were so stressed out about their results that I doubt they slept very well last night. I certainly didn't, but that was for other reasons.

This morning, they came running into my room to wake me up and tell me that they both got 4 distinctions! They each scored over 80% (or is it over 85%?) for English first language, Italian second language and Art. Then, Gemma and Lucia, for those are their names, got the same marks for Geography and History respectively! The only subjects that they didn't do all that well in were Maths, Science and Biology.

Now, how am I, the elder of the three of us supposed to provide a good example for a pair of superhuman twins?! They do so freaking well at all their work, it's just not fair! I'm so thrilled for them, I really am! They were so nervous about their results and now it is over. They are going off with some of their friends to celebrate in Melville tonight. I have to go fetch them tomorrow around 1am which I'm not too pleased about but I think they deserve it.

On top of it all, they got an article about them printed in the newspaper! All about their results and how tough the year had been on them. It was really odd to open up the newspaper and see my sisters on the page in front of me!

I didn't sleep well beause of the fact that a friend of mine, Xena (not her real name) was coming over today at 10am to make some jingles for her new radio program that she will be doing. It'll be on some online radio and will be a relationship advice show. Her, Duncan and I had come up with the jingles some time ago but now had to actually produce them. Duncan is off at the coast somewhere at the moment on holiday so he couldn't be here.

Anyhoo, the point is that when I know that I have to get up for something specific, as was the case today, I can't get to sleep properly and so I don't sleep very well.

The End.

BTW, Helen phoned to congratulate my sisters, which was funny...


  1. wowowowowoweeee

    your sisters ARE superhuman!

    and so are you! ;) but thats because you are secretly alien spawn used by your creators to gather information on the human race!

  2. oh no! She figured it out!

    And funny is not the right word... I think awkward is far more appropriate. Hope I didn't freak them out too much!

  3. sho WELL DONE SISTERS!!! :)

    i was a dumbass in Matric. i didn't get any distinctions. :( although i did get 80% for Maths HG in the second term of matric, but then the final trig and geo paper came around and whipped my ass, so got a B. i was annoyed.

  4. Well, I only got a single distinction for English and just missed my other for biology which really annoyed me because I love biology.

    And yes, we are actually aliens. Sorry to have lied to you all for so long...;P