Competition Music!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Behold! The Majesty! It has finally happened! A company has realised the superiority of E171 and E133!

For the average Joe, that means, someone is making blue food...

For all who don't know me, I am a huge lover of all things blue! In fact, I believe that Helen and I once devoted an entire afternoon to finding out if what we thought was a truely blue fruit actually existed. Turns out, it was a white fruit but the photo had been taken with a flash in such a way as to make it appear blue. We were crushed...or at least, I was...
Cocktails are always better when they are blue (except for that one that had the dead fly in it...)! Blue pasta rocks! And now, blue chocolates! Thank you Nestle!


  1. Now I have to go and hunt for blue smarties! It's SO exciting! So now we have: blue creme soda, blue jelly/jello, blue pasta (which I have yet to try), blue cocktails, blue slush puppies... we shuold have a blue food games evening!

  2. Ooh! Tres cool!

    I think the blue food games evening is a fab idea!

  3. didn't they use to have blue smarties? they had the smiley faces on them. one had to fish them out from the 'normal' smarties.

    ps - there is blue creme soda?! heavens above.

  4. I remember those! They were SO cool! And where on earth did you find blue creme soda?!
    ~ Athena

  5. BLUE CREME SODA???????????????????????

    thats AWFUL!

    who the hell messes with creeeme soda!?

    shoot me now