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Friday, January 23, 2009 my pants!

My drinking game career didn't get off to a good start. I think I was about 10 or so when I played my first ever drinking game. It was the Star Wars Drinking Game!

I was a huge fan of Star Wars, as was my cousin, Duncan, with whom I played the game. He'd found the rules to the game on the Internet after searching for Star Wars. So one day we decided to play the game while watching the movies.

The rules were simple; drink whenever someone says 'I've got a bad feeling about this...', 'Use the force, Luke...' and so on. Dutifully, we drank at all the appropriate times. Shortly into the movie, the first of our little bladders had given up the fight and the first bathroom break was declared. In fact, they happened with rapid succession as the film progressed. Eventually, between us, we decided that the game was not all that much fun and gave up.

You see, the problem was, neither of us actually knew what a drinking game was about, and so had spent the afternoon drinking litres of water...

My drinking game career has improved dramatically since then, and I was recently introduced to a new drinking game. The game is aptly entitled 'In my pants' and involves adding the phrase ' my pants!' to the end of every sentence. Failure to do so requires taking a drink and as the game progresses, to invent increasingly complex and ludacris rules that must be adhered to, as one does with drinking games...When played in earnest, the game is fatal, or so I am told.

Besides it's more serious outcomes, the game is hysterical and is almost guaranteed to have you in stitches from the get go! I can say this with conviction having played it once over cocktails with friends. However, it is not always appropriate to play drinking games and thus Helen devised a way to take the game beyond the limitations of appropriate culturally determined drinking hours.

In South Africa, one of the biggest sugar producers is a company called Huletts. Their sugar can be found in little paper sachets in coffee shops and restaurants country-wide and it is these little bags of saccharine goodness that are the key to endless hours of entertainment! For on the back of the sugar packets are printed, what they term 'Words of Wisdom'.

Taken seriously, these can probably impart profound truths into the hearts of the masses, but not when in the hands of Helen or myself! The remainder of this blog will be some examples of these pearls of wisdom. The first two are examples of the lame, nauseating kinds of quotes that can be found. The rest are the kind one really wants for this game. Don't forget to add ' my pants!' to the end of them! :D


  1. Oh my.... I love the Japanese quote, but find that adding a Japanese accent to it really helps!

    And the Martin Luther King one is priceless!

    Nice one!

  2. Oh I love this post! From now on whenever I use the Huletts sugar sachets I will add one that ever so awesome phrase onto whatever wisdom the god of Coffee has choesn to impart to me ;) Thank you Luke, this brightened my day!

  3. Some of those last ones are hilarious when you add "in my pants" to the end of them.

    The Star Wars drinking game sounds lethal. You'd be wasted in no time playing that one. Which of course is kinda the purpose :P

  4. what exactly would a japanese accent be?

    yeah man, i am so bad at drinking games

    but i love playing the CSI miami game... everytime horatio takes his sunnies off or puts them on, take shot

    ahahaha its awesome. and the more you drink, the better the acting gets!


    (on another note, i don't understand why these sugar sachets have a halaal stamp of approval. why would someone ever think that there were traces of pork or meat in a sachet of sugar???)