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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bad mood dreaming

I'm feeling so grumpy today! It's all because I had a dream that I recieved a present from someone and as I was opening up my present, in my dream, I woke up! Now I'll never know what I got for Christmas (in my dreams...)!!!

On the plus side, at least my mother doesn't actually host ball-room dance classes in our lounge...


  1. the present was a bit of old cheese.

    i had that same dream

  2. why is that on the plus side? It would be awesome to have ballroom classes in your house!

    Like living in a musical!

  3. i would come to those classes! with tom!

    party pooper, luke!

    my word verification is - mooples

  4. I agree! I'd also come to those classes! You should really chat to your mom about this! ;)