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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Evil men in white coats

Following a comment on my last post (and Eebee's not-at-all-helpful response...) I would just like to clarify that, yes, we do experiments on animals, but no, they are not of the stick-the-needle-in-their-eye-and-see-what-happens. Almost all of the experiments we run are along the lines of trying to find ways to improve the housing conditons of captive animals and to try and figure out what causes the behavioural problems we see in captive animals and find ways to fix them. So, in short, we are the good guys. :)


  1. i coudn't resist on that last post...

    these genuinely are the good guys.

    Join "chimpanzoo" facebook group to morally support the cause and contribute towards captive monkey welfare (I DID!).

  2. I am a total bunny hugger. I would of had to stage an animal rights protest at the university. LOL .

    Good to know that you part of the good guys ;) The bad guys have enough members!