Competition Music!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Horrors! I've not posted in over two months! What has become of me!

Life just kinda caught up with me I guess. Things have been pretty hectic and as things stand at the moment, I'm in a rut...which is why I thought I should post some pictures of the...interesting...things I have spotted while out shopping lately. Enjoy!

What's wrong with this picture...?

They knew there was a double letter in there somewhere! Which one it was...merely a technicality!

Anyone looking for a 1/4 of a rabbit? I know where to go!

Oddly enough, not bought in a sex shop! Thailand actually!

You'd think that someone must have picked up on the double-entendre here before they printed the packaging...

Becasue Kate Moss and the History of Science have SO much in common...

Spelling isn't their strong point, is it? But at least we know their food is the 'nuggest' of them all!


  1. you left out the slogan on the last one: "The taste is in the meal"

    Just in case we were wondering where it was hiding...

  2. Luke? Luke is that you?

    The Force!

  3. Turn the bag of "Eet Sum More Balls" around - the label clearly states that it may contain traces of nuts! ;)

  4. DUde!

    Eet sum mor balls had me canning!!!

    sigh... we're a sad bunch