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Friday, October 13, 2006

Don't do it!

Don't EVER take two theory topic in the last block of your honours year! Even if someone pays you to or promises you a small island off the coast of Costa Rica...DON'T DO IT!!!

A soothing photo of a South African sunset to calm the nerves...

Well all as some of you may have noticed, I have not updated in something like a million years. This is due to the fact that the more sadistic side in me thought it would be funny to slowly kill me by drowning me in work.

On the upside, I heard from a friend of mine the most hysterical story about how I got my middle name, Mangaliso (All the APES people can cease reading from here down).

Apparently, it all began when my parents came to South Africa on holiday. My mother was alledgedly pregnant with me at the time. For their supposed trip here, they had a tour guide by the name of...wait for it...MANGALISO! Now, he supposedly did such an amazing job of showing them around, that before leaving to return to their home in Italy,my parents swore to name their first son after the brilliant tour guide that made their holiday so special. Upon my parents apparent arrival back in Italy, I popped out and was named accordingly.

The truth of it all is that:

  1. My parents lived their entire lives here in sunny South Africa. They only went to live in Italy in 1999.
  2. I was born here at the Johannesburg General Hospital (dodgy, I know!) and never set foot in Italy until I was 13.
  3. My name comes from the fact that my dad was one of the liberals that had a huge bone to pick with the Apartheid government and so as an act of deffiance, gave his son a (*Gasp*) 'black name'.

My parents never go on holiday anyway so this never could have happened. And, for those who are wondering, Mangaliso means blessing or miracle.

The end


  1. Yay.. you're back :)

    I actually thought your name choice had more to do with the third option you put down.. that they were liberals defying the Apartheid system. hehe.

    I knew quite a few white kiddlie winks who ran around with Zulu names... Thandi and Nandi in particular.. such beautiful names indeed!

  2. I think they could have come up with a story with a bit more drama. Like Mangaliso the tour guide delivery you in the Gold Reef City parking lot...

    it's SO not fair you got to meet Josh!

  3. mangaliso



    work sucks