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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Finally done...

Well guys, I've done it! I have written up the last section of my report, my discussion section! I'm almost free of this horrible project! Well actually, it's not been all that horrible. Writing up is just horrible, not the rest of the project. Driving around for hours in Suikerbosrand is horrible when you don't see any baboons and your academic career depends on it. But the rest of the project isn't too bad.

Now, just to wait for Helen to let me know whether she is proof reading it for me or not and then I can send it off to my supervisor and be free of it! Until tomorrow morning that is...

I'm so excited about the end of this year! I can't wait to go catch mole-rats again! It'll be in the desert! Hooray!

Brain is fried...will write again when I can actually come up with more interesting sentences than 'It'll be in the desert!'...

Happy Halloween all...

(I tried to put in a scary photo of me, from when I had long hair, for Halloween...but alas blogger won't let me, so you'll have to ask me individually to send it to you if you really want to see it...)


  1. you mean your drivers license photo? I hope you're adding in a conclusion, it kind of just... stopped. My conclusion was 4 lines: "Lizards don't choose refuges based on scent. they don't respond to the size of a conspecific, but having another lizard in the area makes them change." The end. It's a weird feeling isn't it!

    My cosupervisor emailed me to say she'll send me comments tomorrow 'arvo.' She's SO Autralian!

    I have a NINE letter word verification! uqhkllsw

  2. there was totally another letter there. Dammit!

    And she's Australian, not Autralian.

  3. good job luke.

    don't burn out yet.