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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The internet is a wonderful thing

Howdy folks!

Just the other evening, I was browsing the web for information on exotic fruit. I have always wanted to taste all the amazing exotic fruit that abounds on our little blue orb. It all started when I tried star fruit for the first time. They are these amazing fruits that form these five kind of fins that are all joined and so when you cut them in half, it makes a star shape! They are really cool and taste amazing! Their flavour is very delicate and is almost like a granadilla but not. I really like them but many people say that they are insipid in flavour, but not I!

Anyway, the point of this little ramble is that somehow whilst floating my way through the cyber ocean, I happened to bump into a really old game that I used to play when I was younger. It is none other than 'Jazz Jackrabbit 2'. I say old because it came out in 1997. I was twelve then...

I ended up downloading the demo and trying it out once again. It was awesome! It's such a cute game and it really fun to play, not to mention that it was great to relive that chunk of childhood. And now, I am left with a problem. I want more. I have really been enjoying it and, to quote Faithless in their song entitled 'I want more', I want more!

I have searched the internut and there is nothing there...:(

And in other news, I am sure that I'm supposed to be going in to University now but I'm not really sure what I'd do if I went there. It's a little worrying because I'm scared that I'm not working when I should be and that my supervisor is going to crap on me for it. But at the same time, I have nothing to do and I'm at the zoo everyday so...

Random Fact For The Day:

Every person has a unique tongue print


  1. Luke Duke you inspired me to download a long lost kids game too... 'Win Brickout'.. it's sooooo much fun, and addictive too

  2. Oh really? I had no idea! I must give this a try now...

  3. oooooh la la oooh tra la la la laaaaa

    that is all