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Saturday, March 31, 2007



I happened to check what comments I had on my last post (Thanks for the useless facts page Trav! I'll have to go check it out!) when I noticed that my world-blog-reading-tracker-thingy on the side of my blog has a whole lot of extra blobs all over it. And, as exciting as it is that I have expanded my readership, I was thrilled to see that one of them is from South America!

I have always been fascinated by South America. I love it! I think it looks like such a beautiful and exciting place! I guess, I also have a sort-of kindred feeling towards it as, coming from a continent that is almost entirely third world, we (myself and the South American continent) have something in common! So, to whoever you are that read my blog from way over the atlantic, TEN points!

This doesn't by any means diminish the importance of you non-South American readers! I love you guys!

Well, I havn't posted in ages because we had a huge storm here and, apart from taking out our gate and garage motors, it screwed up our internet and home network. It was actually really scary! I live on the edge of a park and we have a river running through our park. Each time we have some decent rain, the river floods its banks and 9 times out of 10, floods over the road too. On this particular evening, I ended up trying to drive through the flooding river. I misjudged the amount of water I was driving through and it wasn't long before the tires lost all traction! I was convinced that I'd have to call someone to pull me out or something! It was really scary but exciting at the same time!

As an aside, check out this picture of this amazing eggplant we somehow grew in our garden! There is an egg in there for reference...

I am addicted to a new TV show...'Heroes'. It's like 'X-Men' meets 'Lost' and then given a steroid shot just for good measure! It's freaking awesome! Must have more...

Tomorrow I start at my new job, Helen's video store. I'm nervous because, Jo, our boss, crapped on Helen about the fact that Helen wants to go off on fieldwork soon and I'm going with. Jo already hates me!

Have you ever eaten quince? It's really odd! It tastes good but is kinda hard and woody. It's strange, especially when you consider that it is related to apples! I had one the other day.

Random Fact For The Day:

The first CD pressed in the US was Bruce Springsteen's 'Born in the USA'


  1. I know! It's awesome! I want a south american reader...

    Don't be nervous about tomorrow, it should be fine. Just don't mention taking time off... I'll probably go through on tuesday and talk things out with her, it's getting ridiculous. If she says anything tell her I said to leave it, she's angry with me, not you. And she's being completely unreasonable.

    on second thoughts...

    Don't tell her the unreasonable part. I want to live!

  2. Congrats on your new job! I'll come visit you guys and get videos. :-)

    And no, I have never tasted Quince. But I shall make a point of it sometime...

    What are you doing this easter?

  3. quince is weird.

    quincy the tv show is old

    thats all