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Thursday, March 1, 2007

A rather 'different' day...

The cat fell asleep on my sisters legs while she was on the phone...
Hey guys.

Today has been (damn! I can't think of an alternative word!) 'different'. It started of yesterday actually. I got into huge crapolla with my supervisor who sent me an e-mail. He sends out scary e-mails to us when he is really mad. They generally get rather bitchy...well actually bitchy isn't the term to use. They are just really scary!

It was because I have had lots of people come to visit me in my lab and we are apparently very noisey; it's been disturbing other members of staff. So now, I have been banned from having any visitors. I understand where he's coming from completely! It's just that I don't like getting crapped on by him. He is one of those people that I really respect and admire so to get into the shite with them is never nice. I always end up with a horrible sick feeling in my stomach when this kind of thing happens.

So I was dreading going in to Wits today because of that. None the less I went in and after checking my mail, I got stuck into marking the prac's of the medical students that I tutoured earlier this week (see this post). They continued to shine as examples of the true MORON in every man. Not one of them passed! (technically they did pass but as future doctors, they are expected to achieve 90% in order to not have to redo the exercise). While I was marking, someone (who shall remain anonymous) came to see me to chat. We ended up chatting about how much stress we were both under and that was when it happened. They burst into tears!

I felt terrible for them! I comforted them and they proceeded to tell me about everything that they had on their mind. I felt so helpless when I was talking to them. I really wanted to make them understand that life really isn't that bad and that they should not blame themselves for terrible things that have happened.

Anyway, after about an hour of chatting, they left and I resumed my marking. Overall, excluding the hour-chat, it took me about three hours to do all my marking! And it's not even as if that stuff deserved to be read! Luckily, everything has an ending and so I eventually finished! I then decided to go and do some admin.

It turns out that Wits admin is on par with the medical students with regard to their inability to function as a semi-inteligent human should. They announced a day or two ago that they have somehow misplaced ALL our banking information and so we now have to resubmit it to them. So I gathered some yellow forms together and was going to submit it when I heard that I needed a copy of my ID to go with it. So that will be done on Monday.

Then, this afternoon I had to tutour first years again which was so nice! They are WAY smarter than those idiotic medics, and they actually have a sense of humour! They also finished off early today which is always welcome!

From there I proceeded to go and check out BioSoc, which for some reason was full of dodgy freaks, and so I left. I then decided it was home-time. My drive home was okay appart from a conversation on the radio about fetishes and pubic hair, which was mildly disturbing. As I arrived home, I discovered that it had rained at home!

Now, it is important to know that here in South Africa, we are experiencing a bit of a rain shortage. Numerous crops have failed as a result and the heat is just about driving everyone mad. So to have rain was amazing! Except...

Because we have had so little rain, the roads, and in fact most surfaces, are extremely hot! So, any water that lands on them, turns to steam immediately. So now, not only is it hot, but it's humid too! I suppose I should be more grateful for the fact that it actually rained at all! Bad me...

Random Fact For The Day:

Both Hitler and Napoleon were missing one testicle


  1. i'm sorry i'm soo sorry that i got you into trouble!

    for the record - the canadian lying snake is a SNAKE!

  2. i'm terribly sorry to hear about your supervisor shouting at you. i know how crap it must feel especially since you do like him. but i'm sure he'll get over it cos it's impossible to dislike you. :)

    i too was soooo appreciative of the rain.. it was such a relief especially since it was so incredibly hot.

  3. Hiiii Luke!
    i dont think i have ever commented on your blog before!! crazy huh?
    hmmm supervisors can be scary & nobody ever likes getting shouted at!
    anyways i hope all's well.
    btw,hows the parking situation? i checked the "postgrad" box at registration but the lady chose to ignore that and gave me regular parking. it had been a long day & i was too tired to fight :)

  4. Such a gross injustice this parking situation! You should have made her life miserible!