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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The most random shopping trip ever

My mother is of the opinion that one should do all their grocery shopping on a weekly basis. Generally, this happens on a Friday evening so that the rest of the weekend is completely uninterrupted, but occasionally, it has to happen on a Saturday morning, as was the case with 'The most random shopping trip ever'. I took a series of photos on my phone during the trip to give you a taste of the weird things that we encounted on this trip...

The first thing that should have pointed to the odd nature of this excursion was the fact that the shopping centre was hosting what they termed, 'Adventure Christmas!' It was basically a whole bunch of games and fun things to do in the parking lot of the shopping centre. It included rock climbing (pictured here), a mechanical bull, paintball and some other stuff. After all, what is Christmas without a good game of paintball?

As we turned down one of the aisles, my sister shrieked and pointed out that this doll has no pants. She failed to notice that the child-doll-thing at her feet has no face whatsoever...

For some strange reason, management of the store obviously felt the need to comfort shoppers when they buy eggs. Thus they created the 'Safe Zone', an area where all buyers of eggs would have sanctuary from the harrowing and dangerous world of the egg aisle...

As we were waiting at the tills to pay for our shopping my sister and I confirmed that the shopping centre was just a tad on the confused side. After all, how many store managers can claim to play host to the Christmas Bunny?


  1. LOL Creepy dolls, safe zones for eggs and the Christmas Bunny. It was an interesting trip for you indeed. Mine usually consists of seeing people in things they should not wear at Walmart.

  2. i miss checkers and the hypermarket! i always loved the name `hypermarket` because there is something hysterical about it

    safe zone :) if only every place in life had a clearly marked one!

  3. Pantsless Barbie(TM), now 50% trashier!

  4. LOL!! that's HILARIOUS!
    where was this shop? I must go and experience the randomness for myself. evidentally the place is filled to the brim with blogging moments!