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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nostalgia and the embarrasment of the past...

So, this morning, my parents and I went over to my grandmother's for tea, as we do on Sundays. Somehow, we got round to discussing photos and in the process, began looking through some of my grandmother's old photos. Here is a selection ranging from the ridiculous, to the beautiful...

Believe it or not, these beauties are in fact part of a Church acting ensemble! And they are in fact all women!
This is in fact a photo of my grandmother some time ago. I thought it was quite striking because:
  • She looks rather beautiful and sometimes, I think anyway, it's hard to imagine grandparents looking anything other than wrinkly and old.
  • She's got the look of a Hollywood starlet, riding the crest of her own wave of fame... :)

This is a pic of my great-grandmother. Apparently she didn't have much of a sense of wouldn't think so, would you?

Here we see a rather cute picture of my great-grandfather, doing what dad's do best...pushing kids around in a wheel-barrow! Go great-grandad!

I just like this one because the puppy is cute :D

I think we can all agree that we are, if only just a little, glad that the 50's and 60's have ended...The really scary part:
The one on the right in purple with the disturbing unilateral nipple-stand is the BRIDE! The side-kick is her bridesmaid.

Finally, this is a picture of the Namib desert in Namibia, taken by my father on a family holiday. It's bleak, barren and beautiful...


  1. ahahahaaaaaaa. love the new title luke!!! i watch monkeys for a living! you do! you really do!

    i love looking at old photos. i like thinking that modern makeup really does make a difference :p

    but seriously, there is something simple and clean about old pictures taken in sepia. of old family. you wonder what people are going to think in 100 years when your family sees pictures of you.

    we had better do worthwhile things in our lives.

  2. Those are awesome photos! Your grandmother was really pretty! And I LOVE the bride's shoes... although they look kind of like what I would imagine and air hostess would have looked like back then... just add the little white golves and a lot more hairspray...

    Its things like this that make me want to print out photos and stick them into albums, if only for the fact that one day I would like to think that my decendants would look through albums and speculate about what we were up to (in my case, apparently people now spend a lot of time with weird animals!).

  3. I love the picture of your grandmother - she looks beautiful! I really like the way she is gazing dreamily into the distance. And yes, she does have the appearance of a Hollywood actress from that era. I almost expect to see an autograph scrawled along the bottom of the picture...

    My favourite picture is of your great-grandfather pushing his kids around in a wheelbarrow - how cool was he!

    Thanks for sharing these photos :)

    PS: I concur with Sarah, cool title change :)

  4. ah what a cool post!
    i LOVE the 50s/60s pose! it's soooooooooooooooooooooooo retro. those dresses! and that nipple stand is indeed weird.

    ps - cosula!!

  5. He he... Great new blog title! I love it!

    And I really like that picture of the desert - I always find it fascinating to look through old photos of my parents' family holidays and wonder about the significance those places have for them.

    Just imagine what people will say about our "Elvis the Penguin" photos in 90 years! Um... Yeah...

  6. As an aside (no pun intended), it really is those little details that just add so much to the photos - Luke, you know what I mean! ;)