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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I laugh in the face of Death! And get a mouthful of feathers...

Today, after going to withdraw R50 from an ATM and hitting the wrong button, resulting in the machine producing R500 instead, I went to the dentist for a filling...If I could have that word dripping with blood, I would. I hate the dentist. It's nothing personal! He's a really nice old man, albeit with bad teeth. It's the profession that I take offense to...

The point of the story was my rather scary experience in the chair. I have malignant hyperthermia which always makes anaesthesia exciting. Now days, most of the anaesthetics used are safe and will not cause me to die, but I still get nervous whenever I have to have any. So, after the dentist gave me my local shot and left my face to numb up for 5 min, I was a little on edge.

Just as the dentist started drilling, what appeared to be a tall black-hooded figure walked past his cubicle. I only saw them out of the corner of my eye and he was mostly obscured by the wall of the cubicle that I was in, so I couldn't be certain but they bore a striking resemblance to the skeletal, black-robed, pointy-hooded fellow commonly known as Death.

Writing this, I realise that I have a seriously overactive imagination but I'm being perfectly honest when I say that my first thoughts were something along the lines of, 'Oh crap! It's Death! But wait...aren't you supposed to see a white light or something, not some dude in a black hoodie? Maybe he'll come past again...' So, while thinking that maybe it actually was my time to go and how inconvenient the timing was if I was to die today, I kept an eye out for the dark figure.

About 5 min later he reappeared! And it was at this point that I mentally kicked myself in the head for having the mind I have. It turned out that what I thought was the pointed tip of the hood of Death, was actually a feather-duster, skirting along the tops of the cubicles. I decided to focus on counting the roof pannels above the room from that point on...


  1. He he... Shame Luke! I'm impressed that Death has moved with the times and replaced the black cloak with a hoodie though. ;)

    Hope you're okay and that the rest of the visit continued with the minimum of pain and suffering!

  2. i too see death everytime i visit the dentist...

    (no, not really.)

    in any case i just recalled one of my dentist experiences. i used to visit this dentist with a beard. whenever he was doing random drill stuff in my mouth bits of my spit would go and get stuck in it... i would try not to snigger while he was drilling away. it was difficult, esp when you have that mouth opener in. you feel like your top lip is going to peel away from the bottom if you laugh or smile. very scary. and painful

  3. if you died i would cry.

    serious serious tears

    the ugly kind.