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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I LOVE this weather!!!

It's freezing. It's been raining on and off for the last three days. It's like being stuck in London in the middle of winter. And I couldn't be happier!

I honestly love this weather! It's fantastic! I feel like there is something magical about this kind of weather which revitalises me! I, just like any sane individual would, still ensure that I wear enough layers, my gloves, a scarf and the like, but it's still amazing!

On a more clinical note, this weather is very strange for Johannesburg. Our winters are normally characterised by very dry, chilly days with loads of sun. Occasionally, we have the odd cloud scuttle across the sky looking sheepish and lost, but on the whole rain is a no-no for our winters. Shall we blame climate change?


  1. I so completely agree with you - there has been a sense of magic in the air with this weather! Plus, I actually really like winter clothes :) There is something about bundling up and feeling warm in the layers of warm tops, scarves and coats!

    The only time I feel like joining the ranks of people complaining about the weather is that moment when I wake up in the morning and have to convince myself to get out of bed - that takes a LOT of motivation (but, of course, that could also be M1-related)

  2. i agree!!! i love the weather like that! although its been raining a lot in sapporo and the one thing thats different about my rainy life in joburg is that in sapporo i have to walk to the subway system instead of being driven to wits. i hate walking in downpour. drizzle is okay but i hate having soaking wet shoes for the whole day!

  3. The best bit for me was driving to Wits this morning in the mist! It was AWESOME!