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Friday, November 6, 2009

Ode to the weekend and running!

I have managed to get through half of my marking for the weekend already! Yay! So, to celebrate, I'm going to go home and go for a run!

It's amazing to think that I, of all people, could possibly enjoy running that much, that I actually look forward to it! A year ago, I'd never have believed that I might get to this point of actually enjoying my running, and yet, here I am, loving it! It's quite bizarre...

Well, I really don't have anything more to say. It's a Friday. The day is almost nearly over and I feel a rewarding jog is in order. Cheerio! But before I go, the photos from our lab Halloween party:

Okay, this has nothing to do with the party, it's just a really cute forlorn-looking doggy... :)

Tas getting into the Halloween spirit.

One of our obese lab mice oggling us as we prepare food...

Our Halloween spiders! Made from scones, grated cheese, raisins and prezel sticks! Genius!

Making an army of cheese-covered spiders!
P.S. I really need a holiday...I keep dreaming I'm on holiday. It's really annoying!


  1. Holy Cr@p!

    It's just a ball of fur with eyeballs , feet and a tail!!!

    Maybe enrichment isn't such a good idea if all your Rhabs end up like Cartman...

  2. Thought the lab(rador) was having a one-dog Halloween party! I think the gerbil needs to go on a healthy diet! What are you feeding the poor liddle crittur - pizza?

  3. Poor little Rhab, have you been feeding him popcorn again?

  4. Shit dude that is one fat gerbil!

  5. lol! I love Eebee's Cartman comment!

    I hope you didn't feed the Rhab any of the cheese-spiders (which look awesome, by the way!)!

  6. The obese lab mouse is so cute...hehehe...and funny.