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Monday, November 16, 2009

You've never done WHAT?!

I'm amazed...So many of my friends have never eaten a fresh coconut before! Obviously not the whole thing (I think I'd be hard-pressed to manage downing an entire coconut), but I can confidently say that I quite like eating coconuts fresh out of the shell. And as it turns out, Tas, one of my lab-mates, has never eaten it, nor has Athena!

So, in an effort to broaden their horizons, I brought in a coconut this morning. I mentioned it to my supervisor who was rather excited at the idea and came to observe the coconut cracking ceremony, and get coffee...

Using my trusty hammer that I snuck out of the house and onto campus, we pulverised the coconut and from it emerged it white and tastey goodness! Unfortunately, I had bought a dud one, without any milk, so that part of the experience was missing, but otherwise, it was a rather tastey specimen. As it turns out, Leia and my supervisor are both expert coconut extractors...
Athena was really rather impressed with the fruit. Tas was not. She preferred the dessicated and shredded kind (I call it dessicrated coconut...). Leia and I were discussing how we think we should make it a weekly thing to introduce a new fruit to each other. Next time: STAR FRUIT! (Helen, you might want to stay in the bush for just that little bit longer to avoid the star fruit... :D )


  1. Mmmmm coconut.

    we crack open a fresh one at least twice a year.

    Excellent eating with fresh dates if you can find them.

    pity about the milk, my fav part!

  2. Ha. classic!

    Dude if you can get hold of a Durian - google it- from Thailand and open that bad boy up. It's one nasty piece of pulp, let me tell you.

  3. Ches! I've heard of those! Apparently they are so smelly that they are banned in hotels! I saw a video on them on YouTube once...

  4. i've had star fruit before!

    And fresh coconut too...