Competition Music!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Audience participation!

I have had an idea, but I'd like to gauge it's potential success. So here goes.

I would like to collaborate with one of you on a piece of music! So, what I'm thinking of doing is compiling a loop sample that I will upload onto this, here blog for your auditory enjoyment. There is a catch: I'd like you to try and write/record lyrics for a song to this! Now, I know that not everyone has the most sing-worthy voices, but if you feel confident enough to do so, please do record and email me the recordings! Otherwise, strap a friend/family member to a chair and force them to sing for you! If possible, please make sure the recordings are of relatively high quality and are in a *.wav format. But this isn't crucial...

I royally suck at writing lyrics of my own, so I'm sure you will do far better than I can!

If you think you'd be up for it, please mail me at with 'I wanna write your song!' as the subject line and I will then know how many of you are interested! Fill the contents of the mail with whatever you want (provided it isn't offensive...or viral in nature).

It's also a neat way to see how many of you are still avid readers here...


  1. electro lyrics...

    You need three lines at most to accompany/compliment the beats. Why can't you do that? Can't be all THAT difficult...

    Unless you want something more?

    Post the music so we can start already

  2. Count me in. I'm a crabby forty three year old with no knowledge of current music whatsoever; what could possibly go wrong? :)

  3. EEbEE you silly 'nana! You assume that it's electro! Actually it was closer to jazz/lounge than anything else...

    That's the spirit Kath! You rock! ;D