Competition Music!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Given the overwhelming response of my readers (Thanks Kath and EEbEE!) I've decided to post the music for you to use to write/sing lyrics to! It's a very short loop, and it's not a great quality for now as it's just easier to upload and stuff this way. It's the little mp3 player on the side bar under the subtle heading of 'Competition Music!'.

The piece is a very chilled lounge piece. I did this because I figured that it's appealing to a wider range of audience (compared to, say, industrial...?) and because if the music is slower, it might make it a little easier to write/sing to. If you'd like me to mail you the loop itself for you to listen to over and over, please drop an email in my inbox (see previous post for address) and I'll happily send it your way.

PS. Let me know what you guys think!

PPS. For the record, it's an absolute bitch to find an mp3 player add-on that actually plays music you want to play and not the 'Top 20' from some arbitrary Russian site...


  1. don't you have more? e-mail me the rest.

    BTW that bit is quite tantalising, I'd love to hear the intro. Will also help establish a theme for the lyrics.


  2. Luke, I"m not a smart gal and don't know where the music is....?

  3. Its very nice! BUT im not a songwriter... Sorry!

  4. EEbEE, I shall work on an intro and mail you ;) Unfortunately, with a PhD approaching maturation, I only really had the time/energy to make that loop. Also, I'll probably change the way that the song is compiled based on the needs of the lyrics/vocals. That was really just to give you a taste and offer a potential feel for what to aim at.

    Kath, firstly, I am so happy that you are even thinking of giving this a shot! The only other two commenters here (EEbEE and Leia) are people I know and so it's awesome to have someone that, for all intents and purposes, is a stranger taking an interest! :D Thanks! You're making this all worth while! As for your question, the music player should load up in the top right corner of my doesn't fit very nicely (it's too wide) and extends right off the side-panel :( I might move it to the top of the posting section so that's not such an eyesore.

    Leia, you suck! Not writing lyrics for a friend despritely trying to procrastinate from finishing his PhD and graduating on to a real life! ;P

  5. Okay gang, I've moved the player to directly below the blog title. So, it's not on the side-bar anymore.