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Sunday, March 26, 2006

First entry

Hi there

I am writing a blog in the hopes of keeping an online diary of the crazy world I live in. I hope that it doesn't bore the crap out of whoever reads this. I am doubtful that anyone will but you never know. Hope springs eternal in the human heart. That was just lame but I'll leave it in there anyway. I always feel that no matter what you do, you must not ever forget or try to forget that you did it. It is impossible to take back what has happened or what was said so why bother trying! Instead try to learn from your mistakes and allow them to make you a better person.

On a similarly preachy tone, bear in mind that you are never too old, too young, too smart, too stupid, too good looking or too ugly to learn! Never take advice for granted! It is said for a reason and ignoring it is immature and foolish. Not to say one should do everything that people advise you to do. But to take all advise into consideration. Think and reason it through, then act.

This isn't at all how I planned for this blog to start! I really am never this deep! It's odd that that all came out. I intended this to be the 'I had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and then went walking the dog' kind of diary, not the 'What is the meaning of life anyway?' kind.

Well, to start, I am 22yrs old. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa (SA), with my grandparents, two sisters and my paraplegic uncle. I didn't know that that was how you spell learn something new every day. My parents live in Italy. They moved up there in 1999. I was with them, along with my sisters but I returned home, to South Africa, after 6 months due to the fact that I couldn't cope with schooling there. It was really horrid! So I went to high school here in sunny SA. My sisters arrived back here for similar reasons in 2002. They have been living here with us ever since.

I attend the University of the Witwatersrand, here in Jo'burg. I have completed a BSc degree in Zoology and Ecology. I am currently doing my honours in Zoology. More specifically, I am studying Animal Behaviour and am doing research on the foraging behaviour of chacma baboons in a relatively small nature reserve just south of the big city (Jo'burg).

I have quite a vast number of friends. However, most of these are the kind that you just have fun with, not the kind you can talk to. Thus I am blogging in an attempt to find someone to connect with.

My best friends, the ones I can talk to about certian things, are my cousins Duncan and Sarah, two high school friends Alice and David and a friend who I knew in high school but never really got to know until I was in university with her, Vanessa. Vanessa has had a crush on me for the past 6 odd years. But last year she confronted me about it and now we are just good friends. That is something that I lack in my life. A friend that I can talk to with complete honesty and someone who isn't afraid to tell me exactly how they feel.

Anyway, I think that that is enough for the moment. I'll try to write another update tomorrow while I'm at university. Look after yourselves and remember to always love one another.

Man, I sound so daft!



  1. hi luke. maybe you'll never see this comment because it's on your very first post. i was curious and wanted to see how you started. i like your posts because you're honest and you seem to like people and are genuinely concerned that they love and appreciate each other. it's beautiful, and definitely an important part of life. hope you're having fun in the dessert!

  2. good grief. desert. i hope you're havin fun in the desert. it would make much sense to visit a large, say, cheesecake. and i'm a copy editor! for shame.

  3. wouldn't make much sense. wouldn't.

    i must stop.