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Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday at last!!!

Hi all!

It's finally Friday! The week has finally come to an end! I am so tired but on the other hand, I was talking to a friend of mine at university and we concluded that even though it is Friday, this week hasn't been very hectic. We didn't really achieve all that much. This term has started off very laid back.

Well, today, I got up at around 9:30 am. I did the usual stuff, breakfast, cleaning up and all that, and then just waited for a friend/tenant of ours to arrive home so that I could give him some music of mine for a computer game that he is busy programming. My grandparents own two adjacent properties and on both are a house and a small cottage. On the property that we live on the cottage is rented out to a guy called Bernard and his girlfriend Simone. She seems to hate me for no apparent reason. Honestly, I have spent many days trying to figure out what it is that I did to get her to hate me but as of yet, it continues to elude me.

Anyway, Bernard and I are friends and he is a computer programmer. He is trying to produce a game and has asked me to compose and produce some music for it. I do it as a hobby. I use a program called Fruityloops which I do all my music through. It is actually tons of fun! I make mostly trace and chilled stuff but dabble in a little house and drum and bass too.

Anyway, eventually he arrived and I went over to take him the music. He had someone over, a friend I think, and I had to go off to varsity. So I stayed for 5 min and then bolted off to varsity. By this stage it was 10:40 am and I got to university in only 15 min. This is rather odd as it usually takes me half an hour.

As soon as I arrived, I was nabbed by my friend Helen to help her set up an experiment that involves large asbestos boxes and very heavy bricks. So I helped her, with the constant worry of working around old, dissintegrating asbestos boxes. I am probably being silly but I just am paranoid about getting skin cancer or worse from the stupid stuff!

The task involved sealing the lids of the large boxes with duct-tape and within the first half an hour we were out of tape. So I went off down the road to buy some more. The traffic was scary and it took me about an hour to drive there and back. It usually takes about 10 min! We then proceeded to tape the boxes to death, until we ran out of tape again. By this stage I scidaddled as I still had not read over the pre-lab material for the practical this afternoon. It was a snail dissection and I don' t make a habit of storing the anatomy of the snail in my head.

So I ran off and did as much reading as possible before the lab started. I then went off to the lab to prep my bay and make sure that I knew exactly what was potting. The students arrived 20 min early and Helen was nowhere to be found. So I had to look after bother her and my own students for the first part of the lab.

Any teachers who are reading this may understand this part. I have not seen my students for a while and it was so nice to see them all again and help them to get a grip of their work. I get attached to them. They are all really nice kids and they don't give me any hastles at all!

So we did the dissection and it all went well appart form two of my students who would pack up into fits of giggles every time I said the word 'penis'. As part of the practical, we the TA's have to mark their dissections on technique, neatness and the students knowledge of what it is that they have been chopping up. These two students requested that I specifically not ask them any questions pertaining to 'the P-word' as they refered to it. It was rather funny! They are all so nervous too! Some of them were literally shaking when I asked them to point out certain structures on the snails.

After that I helped Helen add the final touches to the boxes for her experiment. I then returned home, exhausted and starving! After some food, I let Bernard know I was home, as per his request, to play computer games over at his flat. He was out and so I just went off for a bath. I'm reading Dan Brown's 'Angels and demons'. It's really good! I then came back here, to the familiar screen and updated my blog.

Thats all for the moment folks. Remember never to take anything that you have for granted, particualrly the people in your lives! You never know when they will be gone...


By the way, formalin-soaked snail smells really good on the hands...(Sarcasm for those of you who would be foolish enough to take this phrase literally!)

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