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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I really wish I could get angry...

I've had a really bad day. It has made me wish I could be like most people and get really angry, kick something and feel better. I can't. It sucks. A good cry every now and again helps though...

Why the hell this still comes as a surprise to me is somewhat baffling but, blogger won't let me upload a photo!

I REALLY don't have time to post today but I thought that I should mention that yesterday, Helen was my knight in shining armour who saved

me from the perils of traffic by sending me directions as I tried to navigate my way from Ravonia to Wits without taking the highway. Spanks Helen!

It appears that the computer somehow sensed my current mood and decided that it probably was a good idea to cooperate (for once) and post my photo!

The point of this is to show just how amazing the sea is. I mean, who can honestly say that this image doesn't appeal to them on some level! I took this photo on my mini-holiday-ete (it was only three days of which I could only speak for one due to a brilliantly timed *and my first ever* case of larangitis).


  1. I really don't think you need my help... but I'll try. Just make sure you catch me because it's feeding day and I have to leave at 3:30 to go to the optometrist. Did I mention that when they cured my home computer of the terrible virus they wiped out instat?

    I'm DOOMED!

    P.S not being angry is a good thing. We like you that way! I'm sure if the situation ever warrants you losing your temper you'll be able to do it.

  2. ok ok ok

    i'll give the sea one thing : it makes for pretty photos. and i love the beach @ dusk or dawn but not when its surrounded with a bazillion touristy people all bashin each other for ice cream and getting sun burnt. i'd still love to get an old lighthouse and renovate it, but it must be secluded!

    i hope today is 1000000x better! because you're luke! you're happy! and nice!


  3. Thanks gang. Your words of encouragement have lifted my spirits. That and the fact that my supervisor said that it's all okay.

    I have to admit that the bazillion tourist thing gets to me too! I HATE tourists who are not me or related to me in some way.