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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oh my gas 2: The sequal

All I can say is, oh my gas. My mother has completely lost her mind...

I arrived home today rather late from university as I had to prep 7 dung samples in the hopes that they will be dry by Saturday and I'll never have to do any more dung analysis ever again. I was greeted at the door by my sister who had come to let the dog out. I entered the house as Gogga, the dog, pranced around my feet and occasionally crashed into stuff. As I rounded the corner into my room I noticed something odd. There was a large grey plastic packet on my bed.

I approached the packet cautiously, half expecting it to explode, half expecting it to contain loads of sweets with a corny note saying, 'For our sweet son'. It's the kind of thing my parents would do. The sweets...not leaving bombs on my bed for when I get home.

I looked in. It was full of plastic containers. For a second I was perplexed. It then hit me like a nursery school bully...

It was dietary suppliments! My mother has consulted her boss, the dietitian, about the fact that I am stressed at the moment and has organised me millions of pills and brightly coloured capsules to ease the stress of my everyday existence!

Don't get me wrong. I'm not ungrateful, nor am I opposed to taking vitamen and mineral suppliments. But I think that taking a total of up to 38 pills daily (even number sarah!) is a tad excessive! The doctor even gave me a timetable of how and when to take them! It includes a line about the importance of remaining regular, if you know what I mean...

So from now on I have to prep little party-packs of vitamens, zinc and calcium to take with me to Wits to have with my lunch. I practically don't have to eat anymore!

On the flip side, I watched my first-ever episode of 'Scrubs' today. It was REALLY funny! I need the box set...

Another thing that happened today was really awkward. I was in the honours room trying to work and I realised that Laura and Jason (her boyfriend) were making out in the honours room, behind some other peoples desks! It was horrible! I tried really hard to concentrate but I kept on hearing all these wet slurping and poping sounds with random rubbing sounds every now and again! It was so...eeeuuglh! Sarah and Margaret thought that it was all very funny when I told them...

Well, it's late and I have to write a Stats report tomorrow so I'm going to sleep now. It's so cool having a laptop and being able to sit in bed and surf the internut at the same time! Hooray!


  1. at least you don't have to worry about being dehydrated anymore. I think with 38 pills you'll have all the water you'll need!

    I'm in the lab if you want to show me your stats before handing in...

  2. hehehehehehe!

    that's exactly what my gran did! but - if your mom bought you pharmaton, its worth giving it a go! it actually perks you up a little. i used to find that i could bearly see straight by 5 every day and then still had to go work until 9h30, and pharmaton actually let me stay awake those extra few hours without feeling like a bulldozer had hit me on the back of my neck.

    SCRUBS is AWESOME!!! I have seasons 2 & 3 if you want them... used to have season 1 too... but its awol... sad times!

  3. I have season 1 at work, but you asked me to stop bringing you free dvds... If you want to retract that statement let me know and I'll bring you season 1

  4. and ps

    what's the internut?


  5. I need those pills!!!

    I'm so like, streeessed. eeeek!

    But 38 pills is a bit muchly. Just make sure you eat before you take them, because in Matric I used to take a gazillion pills, except I felt a little nauseaus (sp?) once, but I couldn't throw up because I hadn't eaten anything.

    Sorry for the weird ewwwy story.

    But just thought I'd warn ya. hehe

  6. Thanks for the advice Tomkins...It will surely prevent me from ever being unable to upchuck on account of my lack of stomach contents...

    I actually can't get into that situation because I am on a rather strict scedule where I can't take the pills unless I've eaten. But thanks anyhoo!

  7. Being well hydrated was the first thing that came to mind. I'm sure leaving class 3 times isn't conspicuous.