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Monday, May 25, 2009

Well, that's 10 hours you'll never get back...

It's been one of those days. The kind where you end up doing loads of admin but feel that you have achieved absolutely nothing all day. I've been doing statistics for undergraduate students all day, which has been a pain. Mostly because they have no idea what's going on but insist on asking about the most arbitrary points in the hope that I will somehow think that they have a clue.

Now, ask anyone, my stats knowledge is not amazing, but I do know a few things. That's why I got so ticked off with one pair of sibling students that came, with the rest of their group, to sort out their stats. In all fairness, the one sibling had some common sense, so my frustration wasn't directed at them both, only the dumb one...

She kept trying to come up with 'practical' (read: lazy-ass) solutions to her stats in an effort to have to do less work. She also kept asking really stupid questions like, 'When you say we should make a bar graph with the averages for each variable plotted according to the times they were sampled, what do you mean?', to which I would answer with, 'Well, basically plot a bar graph with the averages for each variable plotted according to the times they were sampled...'

And, to add to the unbelievably annoying nature of the individual, she has a lip-ring. Now, I personally am not against the idea of lip piercings (Quite the opposite! I wanted to get one for myself!), and the design of her ring is simple and silver, but somehow, it just makes this individual SO much mor obnoxious and annoying! It's amazing!

So, having done the stats and a little admin, I'm sitting at my desk, hoping that somehow, just for today, time will speed up and the end of the day will suddenly be upon me, forcing me home...

Off to youtube then to be unproductive!


  1. *blush* sorry I was in that annoying number of stats interruptions today. Thank you for your time and if it helps I learnt a handful of new things about stats during the time you donated uncomplainingly.

  2. dont get a lip ring lucas! get an eyebrow ring! they are 10000 % cooler!

    just me old opinion

  3. Fear not Terri! You were most defintely NOT one of the annoying stats interruptions. Your stats stuff was actually rather far as stats goes ;)

  4. Okay picture this...

    One of the 2nd year stats students comes in wanting to learn about t-tests. Their stats exam is tomorrow.

    Do you help them? Or just be honest and tell them that they will fail hopelessly?

    (btw. this actually happened)

    Also lets hope that lip ring girl (or was it a guy?) doesn't get a whiff of you blog. AWKWARD! whats her email addy again? :)