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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Helium, marulas and fluff

Well gang, yesterday was the anniversary of my arrival on this planet, and what a joyous day it was! It began early...VERY early.

I had to get to Wits by 8:00am so I was up at 6:00am. It was very hard to wake up! I arrived in my kitchen to my mother singing happy birthday while my sister concentrated very hard on making her toast, as one tends to do first thing in the morning. About half way through my mothers musical episode, my father clicked that she was singing the birthday song and joined in. It was rather funny! They explained to me that they did have a gift for me but I wouldn't get it until later on that day because they had hidden it in Gemma's room, and given that she is the most feared member of the family to wake up, we all decided that it would be best to just leave it there until later that evening.

I then drove my sister off to varsity and battled to find parking as is customary of the beginning of the year. It's because we have a really stupid crowd that handle the admin at the university. They sold parking for 5000 cars but the campus actually only has 3500 parking bays available to people! And then they are so suprised when students complain because they have been forced to park illegally and have been fined. Thank goodness for all those eons of evolution that blessed us with 'intelligence'.

After the hike up the hill to my lab, I began to work at a paper review that I'm doing with my supervisor. I managed to do a surprising amount of work before Helen (henseforth known as Brother T) arrived and presented me with my first gift of the day! I have to admit that I was rather perplexed when I saw the jar shapped gift.

To my surprise and joy, Bro. T had found me that most amazing stuff in the universe! It was marshmellow spread called 'Fluff'! It's from the US so all you americans that read this probably know what I'm talking about. It is amazing! I love it! It's particularly amazing because as a vegetarian, it is impossible to find marshmellows that don't have any gelatine in them. So, to recieve a gooey marshmellow spread that was vegetarian friendly was totally brilliant! Ten points to Brother T!

After mucking about in the lab and discussing the sheer brilliance of the substance in the jar, I went to get my supervisor to try some. He was also most impressed and suggested that I try it with chocolate spread and peacan nuts. Shortly thereafter, Bro. T and I went off shopping for a birthday present for Laura. It's her birthday on Sunday but she is having her party-thingy tonight at a place just up the road from my house, which is a pleasent change from me having to drive long distances to get anywhere. We bought her a ton of stuff and I am confident that she will love it!

While shopping, Bro. T and I decided to get falaffels for lunch. I havn't had one in such a long time so having one again was amazing! We returned to Wits to eat them and thoroughly enjoyed every bite except for one. There was a lump of chilli which left me rather red.

After that, we were joined by one of the honours students, Lauren, who accompanied us to the zoo, where I did my observations. After zooing, I decided that I'd had enough work for one day and seeing as it was my birthday and all, I went home.

At home I discovered to my joy that my uncle had somehow obtained marulas. For those who now question my sanity, marulas and a fruit that comes from an african tree. They are quite common in southern africa but are not grown commercially as far as I know. I've never had a marula before and I was really excited about trying one! They are really odd! They taste a bit like a combination between a mango and a litchi, if that is possible. They are really tasty though!

I have to go off for supper right now, so I will finish this post at a later stage!

To be continued...


  1. yaaaay

    i must must get me some of that fluff stuff! ;)

    brother t is so super down wit it!

    oooooooh lauren looooooves you :)

  2. i must also get some of that fluff stuff for my toast.

    i'm still a big fan of peanut butter tho.. it makes me happy inside, and gives me ENERGY. :)