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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I finally grew some balls!

Well peeps! It finally happened! I grew some balls!

You see, at our university, post-graduates (hereafter referred to as postgrads) have the honour of their own parking area. We pay a hefty R400 for this parking and we still have a hell of a hill toclimb on a daily basis to get from our parking to our respective places of work. So naturally, it is rather annoying when we discover that most of our parking is being taken up by non-postrads.

It happened many times last year and is by no means a new occurance at all! However, this year it has become ridiculous! For the last two weeks, the security guard who is supposed to control who gets to enter the postgrad parking, has allowed anyone who even shows an incling of any desire to enter through to our parking. And today when I returned from the zoo I was forced to literally drive around the parking area for 10 minutes looking for an open parking bay! It was all made so much worse by the fact that the temperature was ridiculously high today (apparently 36 degrees C in the city!).

So, once I had eventually parked, I decided that I'd had enough and stormed off to the building to drop off my stuff and then headed off to make a complaint. Now, for most people, this wouldn't be worth mentioning, but, as anyone who knows me would tell you, I never get angry. I do try sometimes but I just can't get it to work. Today however was different!

When I was dropping my stuff off, Helen arrived and asked why I was so flustered. I told her and she agreed to join in complaining about the situation. So the two of us stormed off to the secretary for the school of biology. She has the nickname of 'Professor Parking' as she is the one person who will not tollerate anyone stealing her parking. She suggested that we see the head of security.

We did this and ended up just speaking to his secretary who put us in touch with the person in charge of parking. I spoke to her on the phone and she appeared to be genuinely concerned about the issue! She promised that she would sort it out, including spot checks on who was there and to ensure that the security guard is doing his job.

Yay! 10 points to whoever it was that I spoke to! Even if she couldn't give a crap about our parking and faked the whole thing, she did a great job of faking it!

So there. I can be confrontational (sometimes)!

Random Fact For The Day:

Donald Duck comics were banned from Finland because he doesn't wear pants


  1. And there I was thinking you had them all along...

    Seriously, you angry is SCARY! Please don't do it again. unless by some anti-miracle we end up on fieldwork with someone else who kills their animals by mistake. Then you can get angry!

  2. YOU angry? hoooo hooo heee heee! that must have been fuhhhnyy! :)

    sorry about the parking. i NEVER park there. NEVER, EVER.