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Monday, February 19, 2007

My 100th POST!!!!

Yay! I'm 100! (This is the blog talking by the way)

Yes, it is true. This is my 100th post. And I can't even put up a celebratory photo because I'm typing this all out at my lab computer at Wits.

So, what has been happening...? The irritating guests eventually left on Sunday which was a great relief! I just can't handle the fact that they are such chain smokers! I'm not a smoker by the way, so it really irritates me when other people come to my house and smoke like it's their last day on earth.

Yesterday was the first time that I TA'ed for a plant-related practical and actually knew what I was talking about! It was great!

In the pre-lab lecture that the lecturer was giving, Helen, Kelly (a new masters student from Pretoria) and I sat and giggled. It made it much more interesting. At one point, Helen, as we had bought some popcorn during one of the between-lecture breaks, decided that it would be a good idea to flick one of the unpopped popcorn kernals at one of the students. Luckily her aim is really bad so she missed the student. Instead, the small piece of corn bounced loudly off every desk surface on it's trip to the front of the lecture theatre. Naturally we all thought that this was hysterical and collapsed onto the desk with muffled snorts and laughs. As we looked up we realised that NOBODY had noticed the whole ordeal! It was amazing! Not a single person had seen the high-speed piece of corn as it had wizzed past their head or bounced off their writing pad. It was kind of disappointing in a way...

The rest of that day really isn't worth writing about...

I'll write more at a later stage. I must go and get some stuff printed which potentially means having to give more money to the school secretary.

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  1. yaaaaaayayayayayayyyyaaay!

    you are old

    i am impressed