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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

What to blog...?

This is my 95th post peeps! I'm nearly at that amazing milestone that is 100 posts! Yay!

So gang, I'm not really sure what to post appart from the fact that today reaffirmed for me why it is that I don't drink beer.

At the moment, at Varsity, it is O-week. This is Wits 'code' for Orientation Week. It is intended as a time for all new recruits to attend the orientation activities offered to allow them to get an idea of what it is that we all get up to. However, it tends to end up as a more debaucherous, series of drunken parties that attract more current students than new ones. I have never attended these festivities in earnest because I never really felt like I needed to but thanks to Laura, I have begun to attend these fiascos!

Today's particular event was the pub-crawl. Our campus has a variety of bars placed in strategically secluded spots (apart from BAQT). However, I rarely frequent any of them apart from BioSoc, as they are just too far away, or crawling with engineers. The pub-crawl today involved going from pub to pub, collecting two free drinks, partaking of ones newly aquired beverages and galavanting off to the next procurer of all things alcoholic.

Now, Helen and I had not intended on attending this event. Our pal, Laura had other plans however. She organised to meet up with us at BioSoc, from where we could then join the drunken mass of people and continue the tour of the bars. So, upon her call, we went to meet her. Once there we were each handed a free beverage by Laura and her friend, Selwyn (spelling? name? it could be anything given my mind!). Helen was passed a cider and I was

Now, I have only ever tasted one beer that I actually enjoyed. This was in Germany when I was staying with Alice's sister. I have never found anything vaguely pleasent in the realm of beer before or since this momentous event. So being handed a beer at the pub certainly didn't fill me with the urge to chug it back and belch loudly in satisfaction.

But I gratiously drank it along with numerous swigs of Helen's cider to try and cleanse my palate. I in the process also met the friend of the, and I quote, 'cock-juggling-thunder-cunt'. I don't get it myself...

Then, after that it was off to the next bar that was on the other side of campus. We got there to discover that they had not organised enough alcohol and so we were only allowed one drink. So Laura, Helen and I shared the single cider we could get our hands on. Later, more arrived and we all shared another.

It was at this stage that Helen and I decided that we preferred it back at BioSoc and so headed off to that bar. Along the way we were distracted by a fellow student who was actually working while the rest of the people in the university were getting themselve trashed. We chatted to him for a while and then headed off to the bar.

We had been promised free drinks by one of the bar worker people and so we looked forward to our little beverages. However, when we went in, we discovered that he was not there and that instead, there were other students there, most of whome we had TA'ed in previous lives. So we all sat and chatted together for ages and while chatting, I was provided with yet another beer! This time it was a different one, better, but by no means tastey! At a later stage I was provided with another beer which was disgusting! I've never had such a horrid drink in my life! So far, in the story, all the different beers have each been a different brand. They began with Amstel (4/10), then Black Label (5/10) and ended up with Castle (-1 000 000/10).

And so, I am very glad that this kind of tasting experience doesn't happen very often.

By the way, after the drinks at BioSoc the second time, I went home rather late to an agro family waiting for me to arrive for dinner. I appologised profusely.

Random Fact For The Day:

Money isn't made out of paper, it's made out of cotton. Before the 1950's it was made from Hemp: the stem and leaves of a marijuana plant


  1. you forgot to mention that I helped you with that last amstel! IT took AGES to get the taste out of my mouth. I warned you!

  2. yay pub crawls!

    yay sandwich boy!

    sorry i missed you guys i was (yes you guessed it) working

  3. I have only been to a few of these Wits drinking things, but I have never really enjoyed them.

    And Luke.. I think you and I are wine drinkers. Wine drinkers do not really drink beer. Beer is bitter - wine is devine. heee heee. hoooo hoo.

    (ps.. we should have joined the Wine Society together!)

  4. Let's join the wine society!!! It'll be totally rox! Down with beer! Up with wine!