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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

I swear I will quit!!!

Hi again all my adoring fans!

Another day has come and gone. I have been so busy today and yet have not really managed to achieve anything. I seem to be writing this, or something along these lines, very often of late. It is a little worrying. Well, I'll just pres on, I guess.

I got in to Wits rather early today (9:30 am). After arriving I started to discuss the questions posed to us by the animal behaviour lecturer yesterday. I had completely misunderstood something that he said-not to do with the questions, but to do with the formulation of groups to work in. I had understood that we were all going to have to give a presentation to the group about the topic that we select (we were given a list to choose from) and that we must form pairs to do these presentations in. I had organised to do mine with my friend Eebee. But, today I discovered that these groups are also for us to discuss our thoughts on the questions posed. So I ended up discussing the questions with Eebee. Soon, Vanessa had joined in and shortly thereafter, Helen too.

Once that was over, I went off to the Matrix to buy myself an exam pad and some pens. Along the way I ran into my friend Sarah. She was sitting on a bench with an American friend of hers. Now there was a bit of a situation with this fellow. It appears as though he is very possessive over Sarah because there is another American friend of hers that has, what seems to be, a crush on Sarah and the first individual doesn't like the second as a result. Anyway, I met them both as the first was sitting with Sarah on this bench and the second arrived shortly thereafter.

Do all Americans have ridiculously perfect smiles? It was really odd! Both of the people in question had perfect teeth! Most unnatural! Anyway, they all dispersed as I said that I would go buy Sarah a cream-soda while I baught all my stationary. Just then, My friend Cameron arrived.

Now Cameron and I have been good friends since the first year of high school. We met each other there and have been pals since. However, I have not seen him for approximately the last 6 months. So it was really nice to see him again. He came with as I did all my shopping and we caught up on all that has been happening in our respective lives. I'll see him again on Thursday for our graduation ceremony.

After spending some time with him I returned to my office and did a little reading from a text that I had to have read by the animal behaviour lecture/discussion session this afternoon. Laura, my SRC fiend arrived and was hounding me to organise a meeting with some of the other sub-commitee members. I get so mad with her because she has this idea that the best thing in the world is delligation. This is all very good and well, provided the people that you delligate to have the potential to actually do what you give them to do. At the moment, I am just too swamped with stuff to organise and do that I am not managing to do anything that the SRC requires from me. So I have decided to quit from my position on the sub-comm. I feel terrible for jumping ship but I fear that if I can't focus all my energy on my honours, I will not manage to achieve all that I want to. So Laura's arrival induced a miniture fit of frustration in me. Vanessa then arrived and I was rescued off for a walk to go get food from the Matrix.

On the way down, we ran into Sarah who was on her way up to find me to claim her drink that was sitting on my desk. So together we went off to get food. After getting another vegetarian spring roll from the chinese place, I returned to the office to do more reading.

I didn't get very far due to the fact that this really annoying person in our office, not the singer from yesterday, kept on pestering me with ideas for office pranks. It was getting rather annoying as I had this thing to read but was not managing to achieve much! It was compounded by the fact that I got a phone call from the masters student, Candice, that is also working on baboons. She called me down to her office and then once I arrived proceded to command that I walk with her to her car. As we walked down to her car, she explained to me that the method that I had been using for my data collection was wrong and that we would have to change it *again*. Thus I'll have to go out and do more sampling to recuperate for the previous data which has now been rendered useless.

After a brisk walk up the hill from the parking lot, I returned to try and do more reading. I had 15 min left and decided to just look at the pictures instead...

There is some logic to this. I had 15 min to read 17 odd pages from a textbook. However, the pictures shown correlated to examples given in the text to illustrate certain principles. Thus, by examining the pictures, I could get a rough summary of what was in the text.

Then I went off to my first animal behaviour lecture/disscussion session. It was so much fun! I have never really interacted with a lecturer on such a one-on-one level! it was great to be able to clarify certain things and ask questions and so forth. Everyone in the group thoroughly enjoyed the lecture.

Once that was over I went to put up posters around campus for the SRC. That didn't take all that long, and I then proceeded to return to update my blog and check my mail.

Yesterday I tried to post some pictures that I took while in the Suikerbosrand reserve. Naturally, because computers are as tempremental as they are, it didn't work. So, I'll try again.

Does anyone actually read this blog? I have my suspicions that it lies dormant...

Anyway, I'm rather tired and have been invited to go to the movies with my friends to see 'Ice Age 2' but I don't know if I will go or not. I think maybe I should have an early night tonight and get going early tomorrow...its not very likely to happen but it's the thought that counts right?

Well I'll write again tomorrow. Always think about what you say or do before you say or do it. The consequences may seem insignificant but are more often than not, far reaching and vast.

I really don't know why I always end with these stupid words of wisdom...but why the hell not?


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  1. hey thanks for the concern.. but i'll be fine.. :)