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Thursday, April 20, 2006

An internut buddy!

Greetings all!

I have had a strangely benign day. I just asked Laura how to spell benign and she thought that I said 'How do you spell banana?'. She then proceeded to spell banana to me really slowly. It was really funny!

Anyway, I got up and fed the various pets of my cousins, had some breakfast and went in to Wits. I got onto the highway and immediately regretted it! the highway was so congested that I immediately decided to get off again. I then ended up driving through some areas that I didn't even know existed! Eventually I got to Wits and went straight off to TA.

TA'ing for this course is really annoying because Vanessa and I are the only ones of all the TA's that actually do anything at all! The others just sit around and talk about movies or whatever happens to be occupying the large space between their ears! That was rather mean...they are all really nice guys in their own right but in this instance I am rather ticked off with them.

After that I had to hurtle off to a meeting with Neville. I was only 4 min late this time! I'm getting good at this! Anyway, it turns out that I only had two goals to complete this last week! I was sure that I had set more than that but I wasn't going to complain. And besides, I failed to complete either of them so I wasn't going to harp on that point.

Here is a really nice picture to soothe any tired eyes...

Immediately after that I had to rush up to the Honours room to grab all my stuff to go off to my Animal Behaviour lecture with none other than Neville! It was one of the most hysterical sessions we have had so far! Neville was constantly ripping the annoying chick (Natasha) off! It was so funny!

After that I came back to do all my e-mailing and update this here blog. I'm off to my cousins house tonight. I should probably leave now...

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