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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday...cold, wet and miserable

Hi all

Today was Sunday. It was cold, wet and miserable. This photo is of somewhere far away that I miss. The end.

Just kidding! I mean, it was cold wet and miserable but that isn't all that I'll write for the moment! Today I got up early and went with my sisters off to church, personally I wanted to just sleep in. It was so nice and warm in bed today! I had managed to get my duvet to just the right temerature and was all snug and wrapped up when my sister came in to yell at me because I had ignored my alarm.

After some breakfast and a discussion induced by my grandfather about how the world isn't safe and how everything is hopeless, I went off to church. After the sermon, we came out and the weather had changed from a mild, relatively sunny morning to a cold, cloudy, crabby noon. As I got out into the open I looked up at the darkening sky, felt an icey spattering of drizzle hit my cheek and thought to myself, 'Bugger...'

After that we went to my grandmother for tea. That was nice, as always. After the tea, we headed home for lunch and to help out with it because today is the day that my grumpy grandfather goes off to hospital to have surgery on an anurism he has on his stomach. My grandmother, not the tea one, is so worried.

So after lunch I went back to doing nothing and my grandfather prepped his stuff for the hospital. We then all said goodbye to him and he went off with my gran and uncle to the hospital. I spent the afternoon doing readings for Wits and just mucking about. It was a very 'bleugh' day...

So concludes my story for the moment. The photo is of the Outeniqua Pass near George. I've cycled down it and I love the area. I really miss it. I was last there in 2004. Now it's the end.

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