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Thursday, April 13, 2006

What an awesome day!

Hey all!

It's Thursday and I'll be writing about Monday. I really suck at this whole keep-your-blog-up-to-date thing.

So, Monday. Well it started off relatively well. I got to Wits at 10:00 am and immediately started to do the readings for the animal behaviour lecture that I had at 11:00 am. I somehow managed to get through them all! It was rather miraculous! I am an incredibly slow reader, so for me to manage to get all my reading done on time is somewhat of an unusual event.

I then went off to the lecture which was really fun. One of the class members had baked us there really nice cup-cake things. They were very pink but tasted of cinnamen. The lecture was on play. It is very strange because, we all know exactly what play is and we can clearly say when an animal is playing but it is impossible to define.

Once the lecture was over, I headed down to the Matrix to grab some grub. I then went off to go and TA for the same course that I did the field trip for over the weekend. This was now at about 14:15. I got to the lab a little late and dove straight in. The class was split into two and the one half was identifying the plants that they had collected in the field while the other half was doing the same but with insects. I was helping the half with the bugs, thank God!

It's not that I don't like doing plants, it's just that I am particularly adept at identifying them...

After an hour of that I had to leave to go off to the dentist!!! Eeek! I had a dental appointment for 16:00 and it would take me half an hour to get there if I drove like a maniac. So I left the place at 15:00 thinking it would take me 15 min to pack all my stuff up in the honours room and another 15 to drive from my house to the dentist. So I packed myself up and headed down to the car. Once I arrived at the car, I realised that I had just been a complete moron. I had managed to take everything down with me, including one of the keys that was needed to get into one of the cabinets back at the practical I had just left. So I had to run up the hill to return the key, run back down to the car and get going.

Seeing as I had used up my 15 min from home to the dentist running up and down the hill, I figured that I would just head directly there. I somehow managed to not get stuck in any traffic and got to the dentisit on time!

He then did my filling which was a horrid experience because as he was drilling I could smell the burnt tooth. Really not fun!

After that I just headed home and chilled. Thus concluded Monday.

Well, I have decided that seeing as my week was rather uneventful, and I am so far behind on my updates that I'll just jump to Thursday.

Thursday was awesome! I went in to Wits at around 10 as I was TA'ing then. I ended up spending the whole TA session just helping to sort out labels for the students insects that they caught over the weekend. It wasn't all that exciting. It was really bad though because the lecturer who I was doing this with is one of the Phd students from last year, so she isn't really all that old or anything. I am actually quite friendly with her. The bad part is that the whole time while we were working on the bugs, she kept farting!

So, once my duties were over, I helped her to carry some stuff back to her office, not outwardly but very inwardly reluctantly, and made a hasty retreat to a meeting with my supervisor. I was late for the meeting which isn't very good because if you remember a few days back I was late for a lecture with the same guy because of taking a snake to the hospital. So after a few snide comments about how he would use me to run errands for him, seeing as I was so good at helping people carry stuff, I went off to the honours room to do my reading before my lecture.

I had to do the reading as I was going to give a short talk on what the paper was about. I also had to go and get food for all those attending the lecture. We have a rule that for this subject, Animal Behaviour, whoever is doing the talk at the beginning, must provide snacks for the lecture. So I ran off to the Matrix to grab some food and hurtled back to the office to snatch my papers from the desk and bound off to the lecture. By this stage I still had not finished reading my papers! I arrived and within a few minutes everyone was there.

I proceeded to bullshit my way through the meeting which seemed to work! I was so chuffed that nobody picked up on the fact that I had no clue what I was on about! The rest of the lecture went swimmingly!

After that, which ended at around 16:00, I came and started to write this entry. After I had finished writing about Monday, I was interrupted by a friend who arrived and wanted me to copy a folder from his computer onto my own over the network. So, I did this. It turned out to be a game that we could play together over the net! It was so cool! We were eventually joined by another friend, and we played on for a good hour and a half! It was so cool!

I've written that last bit twice now...

Once that was over, I returned home and just chilled.

Then on Friday, I had my friend David over. We were trying to get our laptops to connect directly through a single network cable, but alas, it failed...So, we went out to go and get some DVD's from the Video Store. We got 'Crash' and 'Nightwatch'. Incidentally, 'Crash' was okay and 'Nightwatch' was just odd. It was a Russian horror film that had really bad story telling, bad acting and yet wasn't all that bad. It had such potential but never quite got there.

Anyway, that evening Dave and I went through to Wits to go and get a book that I had forgotten on my desk but I need to read. On our way, we were stopped at a traffic light, and some guy came up to the passengers side to beg. Dave and I indicated that we had nothing to give him. Just then the man smashed my window and reached in for David's cellphone! David had had his phone between his legs and instinctively closed his legs around it. The guy then said, 'Give me that phone!' and Dave then realising the danger relinquished his cellphone. The guy then ran off into the night with the phone, leaving us, stunned.

I immediately asked Dave if he was okay. He was. I then realised that the traffic light had turned green and pulled off. As we drove, sections of the now splintered window dropped off into the car one by one. Once we arrived at Wits, I ran in to get the book while Dave tried to clean out some of the glass. Inside I ran into Helen, who was working on a public holiday! I told her about what had just happened and she then promptly decided that she was going to leave with us. We both left at the same time from Wits and I caught the highway prizes for guessing why. It was around 19:00 when I got home and so I didn't want to drive all the way back to the area where the smash and grab had just occured to find a police station and report the crime. Here in SA, you have to report the crime to the police station of that area in order to get a case number.

Then today I had a huge fight with my family because I slept in and didn't go off to the police station to report the incident when they wanted me to. David was only able to come with to the police at 11:00 anyway so I couldn't have gone when they wanted me to. Furthermore, my sisters needed to be taken off to their extra science lessons and I was still in bed at the time. However, my uncle was on the internet reading the news, despite the fact that he had just watched it on the TV. Why he couldn't just take them instead is beyond me. So I had to get out of bed and drive them to their class. It didn't get my day off to a good start...

The rest of the day was rather inconsequential. I reported the crime, went home, had lunch and did some computer admin (cleaning out etc...).

And thus concludes this entry. I hope that you enjoyed the exciting life that I live. I'll write again soon...

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