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Saturday, April 22, 2006

What's the point...?

DAMMIT!!! I HATE technology! I had typed out an entire post and then somehow, my computer wiped that whole thing off!!!

Well, it was about how I'm feeling like my wheels are spinning but I'm not getting anywhere at all...Feeling very despondent and depressed because I'm back home after house sitting. My family depresses me.

Anyway, cleaned the house and went throught to Wits. TA'ed at Wits for approximately 5 1/2 hours. Proceeded to the BioSoc pub and had a drink with friends. Left early to go return my uncle and aunts keys as well as get paid. They are so lucky! They got to go to a hotel in northern Zimbabwe, a kilometer from Victoria Falls! They went on a private helicopter ride over the falls as well as going on an elephant-back safari/game ride thing! I'm so jelous!!!

They brought me back some baboon curios, seeing as my research is on baboons. I left after handing over the keys and getting the money (and baboons). I headed home but got persuaded by a friend to go with to my cousins house to play computer games.

I got home at around 11 pm, had a large fight with my family (mostly my fault-I'll explain it to you if you really want to know) and went to bed.

Saturday was just relaxing time. I slept late which is a miracle in my household! Did a little marking for my students, watched the movie 'Bounce' and listened to music. I gave a much more detailed account of things the last time I typed this all up but, alas it is lost...

Anyway, keep your head above water. No matter what ones problem is, one must always remember that with enough determination, you can get through anything!


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