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Monday, May 8, 2006

I'm back!

The subject line if this is supposed to be read as one would say the 'Honey' part of 'Honey, I'm home'. You know, all sing-songy...

And thus concludes another day. I guess I should tell youa ll about what happened yesterday as well as today...


Today was rather...interesting. I went with my sisters to church and proceeded thereafter to my grandmothers house for tea. I realise how quaint and prim this may sound but it is a tradition that my sisters and I got to have tea with my grandmother after church. It's really nice and she loves to have us over to eat her biscuits. I think that that is often the sole purpose in a grannies life: to stuff their grandchildren with sweet things.

Anyway, after that, I returned home, with siblings in tow and we got to work with helping my grandmother with lunch. After the lunch, I went and checked my e-mail and sent out an e-mail to all the people who needed to know about the essay extension informing them. I then discovered that my cousin was online at the same time. So I ended up chatting to him on MSN messenger. Helen was also online so it got a little exciting trying to juggle the two conversations. Strangely enough I didn't manage to screw it up and send something like, 'Helen is driving me nuts! She is so irritating!' to Helen. Not that she is at all but knowing my luck, I would pull off a stunt like that...

So after wasting time online when I should have been working on my essay, I got a call from my mom. It was really nice to hear from her again. I really love chatting to my parents. Somehow they make it feel like my life isn't trying to devour me and that things aren't as bad as they seem.

Back to the story! So I chatted to my mom for a while and then handed her over to my sisters. After they were finished chatting, I got a call from my uncle, Vic, who by this stage had gone off to the hospital to see my grandfather. He announced that my grandfather has now picked up an infection of some kind while in the SICU (surgical ICU). It was later confirmed to be a pulmonary infection. As a result, he has to be put back on all the numerous drugs that he was on before, including the morphine. Apparently, things are looking bleak for him acording to one of the doctors.

Anyway, my sisters remained at home, just in case anything happened and they phoned. Eventually, Gemma decided that she wanted to go to the hospital to be with my grandmother, who was stressing big time! So we all went off to the hospital.

Once there, we just kinda stood around for a while while the doctors ran around a lot. Eventually one of them emerged and told us all of the above. So, we decided to go have some tea and coffee seeing as the visiting hours were not yet upon us. I had rooibos (as always) and the others all had cappuchino's. I don't drink coffee or tea. The caffine is EVIL! I don't believe that it is very healthy so I steer clear of it. My sisters ordered a slice of cake. This cake was amazing! It was choclate mint cake and has to have been one of the most enormous slices of cake I have ever seen in my life! I got to eat the large chunk of mint flavoured chocolate on the top of the cake. It was good!

Shortly there after, we left. My gran and uncle went in to see my grandfather and we all then left to go home. Lucia came home with me while Gemma rode home with Vic and my gran. I ended up having a conversation with Lucia about getting drunk and was amazed to find out that my little sister has gotten drunk many times! I was rather shocked! I guess that that is just the big brother in me. I found out that she has gotten drunk more often in the past two years than I have in my entire life! Once the conversation got underway, I relaxed a bit about it but it was kind of odd having a discussion about getting trashed and how many times you've hurled as a result...


Today I got to Wits early as always. I got to work on my essay outline immediately as I arrived. I worked on that all morning and did some marking for the 1st years. I also went and got some posters printed that I had designed over the weekend for the SRC. And I also did the stats tut with Laura and Vanessa today for this week! And there was no confusion about dud tuts this time. Somewhat disappointing but at the same time, I can totally live without the excitement!

During lunch today I went to the seminar that was being presented. We are supposed to go to one every Monday at lunchtime but because Neville always had our animal behaviour lectures before lunch, we 'unfortunately' always went into the first 5 min of the seminars. Obviously, we wouldn't want to be rude and barge in, so we havn't been since the beginning of the block. Almost two months today...rats. My reputation for avoiding them is tarnished! How will I ever recover from such a blow...?

In case you hadn't picked up on this...the seminars suck.

After the seminars, I went to print out more of my posters and put some up around campus. It was the first time that I have walked around campus in ages! It was really odd. I'd actually kind of forgotten parts of campus existed! I realise how silly that sounds but in a way it is true...I spend so much time in my office that I never go out anymore. Sad, I know...

So I spent the remainder of my day in the office watching animations from REALLY arb and funny! Also a brilliant way to waste time!

I came home at around 7:30pm and just had dinner, washed up and chilled. Spoke to my mom again today. She sounds rather thrown by the situation with my gandfather...I hope she is okay.

Well adios me amigos. Buena fuerte con la vita!


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