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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tuesday at last...

Hola All! I hope that your weeks are going as brilliantly as ever! Mine has been okay so far. I haven't blogged for a bit but I can't remember when it was that I last did an entry. I think it was on I'll just tell you about what I got up to yesterday and today.

Yesterday was a Monday. Need I say more... No, it wasn't all that bad. I got up and took my sisters to school and got to Wits relatively late. Because of the fact that my uncles car is ancient and keeps packing up, I am currently driving my grandfathers car which is not something to be proud of. His car is horrible! It smells funny (not that old person smell, which would be nice in comparison!) and the whole thing is just one big heap of problems. The started motor doesn't quite work 100% and the brakes are very soft. The steering wheel wobbles as your drive which leads me to believe that the axel might be bent...who knows. My knowledge of the inner anatomy of the car and how it all works together is somewhat lacking and leaves much to be desired... Anyway, the point of me telling you all this nonsense about the car is that I drove it in to Wits yesterday.

As I arrived to go to the post-grad parking area, the security guard stopped me and demanded to see my parking sticker. Now, anyone who is not a Witsie will not understand the pure frustration that are the Wits security guards. They have this belief that they are God's gift to humankind and that they are thus infallible. What they say goes and there is no circumstance under which they could possibly be mistaken, with anything!

So I arrived there and in the true spirit of Wits-securityguard-ness, the guard refused to leave his little hut thingy to come and speak to me. instead he insisted on sitting in his little shelter and send bizzare hand signals to me through the window. I attempted to reciprocate the indeciferable sign 'language' and did my own hand signals attempting to communicate the fact that I was a postgrad and that I did have parking. He simply blinked at me...

So, by now rather annoyed and just wanting to go park so that I could actually get to doing some work, I left my vehicle and stomped over to the hut. Once I got into the hut, the security guard very nonchalantly turned to face me. As I entered the hut. A million and one cars suddenly emerged from nowhere (literally!) and all of them wanted to go to the parking area! It was so unusual... I explained to the guy, while vast numbers of very irritable drivers tried to squeeze past my awkwardly stationed vehicle, that I was indeed a postgrad and that my car was broken down (truthfully, it's broken down indirectly) and so I was coming in to Wits in the other car. He was rather difficult to convince and eventually he only allowed me through on condition that he could check up on me and clamp my wheels if its not true. So I went off to my (crappy) vehicle and grinned at the really annoyed lady in the large white 4x4 while I pulled off. I then proceeded to pull off and park.

The remainder of the day progressed relatively well appart from my lecture for animal behaviour. Natasha really took the cake with this weeks first lecture. She was saying things like parsimony (the shortest route: ie, if you can go to London from New York direct, or via Kuala Lumpur, direct is far more parsimonious) is a load of crap. This probably makes much more sense to anyone who has ever studied anything to do with evolution. The other really strange thing that happened at the lecture was the fact that our lecturer, Martin Whiting, ran out of stuff to tell us and so we ended up discussing the Da Vinci code. It was really arb!

The rest of Monday wasn't really worth writing about...

Tuesday started off rather badly. I overslept. I got up in time to take my sister off to school, the other one is apparently sick, but not early enough to actually get myself ready for the public eye. So after dropping Gemma off at school I headed back home and got ready.

I then came in to Wits and had, surprise surprise, a repeat episode with the stupid security guard! He was convinced that he had never seen me before in his life and that I was lying to him. Eventually I managed to convince him that I had spoken to him yesterday, when all the very annoyed people started to pile up behind me. Apparently the image of lots of angry people behind my car jogged his memory and he recalled yesterday's incident.

I then came in and didn't really do much of value. I mostly fooled around online for the morning and then around 12:30 I, along with Laura and Vanessa, got to work on the stats that we have due for tomorrow. We got so tired doing all the stats that we ended up getting really giggly and not managing to do much work. We are about half way at the moment. We'll do the rest tomorrow morning.

Oooo! I nearly forgot! Yesterday, Helen presented me with a DVD that she had gotten from work. It was a film that I had asked her to lok out for for me. I had seen it once on DSTV and had really loved it so I wanted to see it again. It is called 'Groove'. It is all about rave culture in San Fransisco and it is such a smashing film!

The only down side is that it makes me want to go to a rave again! I haven't been to one in such a long time and I really miss it! Most people think that I am mad but the freedom that you experience and the is unmatchable! You just feel so free and like you don't have a care in the world. It is really amazing. I think everyone should try it out just once before they judge it. And I'm not even one of the candy flippers...

And so concludes our chapter for today...

Buona sera a tutti!


  1. Raving is so overrated.

  2. Hmmm... I'm still not convinced about the rave thing. But I are open to new things, so maybe one day I can toddle along for the ride. But you'll have to look after me. Don't get munched up by those pill popping people... hehe.