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Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm so BORED!!!

Hi guys!

I'm so BORED!!! I have been here at Wits all day and I have done every stitch of admin that I could possibly muster. And, now I have run out of things to do. I had to come in primarily to collect my animal behaviour essay, for which I got 75% (Most chuffed!) and to try and get hold of one of the lecturers, Marcus Byrne. I need to get the keys to the vehicle that I am taking off on fieldwork this weekend from him. He has proven MOST elusive and I am starting to get really worried. If I don't get hold of the keys, I can't take the vehicle at all! That would mean NO FIELDWORK!!!

Come to think of it, perhaps not spending three days in a house with minimal water pressure, no heating and a shower from hell, not to mention the fact that I still have to organise all of my meals and bedding etc..., isn't as bad as all that. It's just that I actually do need to have some data to have a successful project at the end of the year...

This is me doing fieldwork

So I've been sitting here all day, bored, and have achieved nothing. Helen and I did go to see one of our lecturers, Martin Whiting about the fact that our assignment he gave us has already been him.He sent us an 'unedited' paper that we have to review and edit and then submit to him. However, he accidentally sent us the paper that he had put all his comments and corrections on.

In hindsight, it wasn't all that brilliant an idea. We could have all gotten really good marks for this assignment if we had just kept our traps shut...We now have a new paper that we have to review.

Hindsight is a horrible thing. It's likethe universes way of saying 'Ha ha! You dumbass!'

I had a rather troubling realisation the other night while in the shower. I have had this thought many times in the past but it's the kind of thing that you think, and then slowly it slips away unil you least suspect it. That's when it hits you will all the depressive force of an asteroid.

I realised that, as there are people that really annoy me and I do not like, so are there people that find me really annoying and don't like me. It was rather sobering...

But fear not fellow internut users! I am not down at all. I actually find the idea somewhat amusing and interesting. That is probably just a lack of sleep though.

The weather here in Jozi has been really shite of late. It's really cold.

My mom has started saying 'shit' a lot! It's really funny! She will swear and then looks posatively mortified and appologises to everyone! It's hysterical!

Well folks, that is all. Hope that you all have a really brilliant weekend and that I get hold of Marcus before Sunday.

Hambani gahle...or however you spell it.

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