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Friday, May 5, 2006

Sorry about that

I'm wrting this all on Sunday because I was just too tired to type on Friday and Saturday was also pretty hectic. Here is the blow-by-blow account of my action packed weekend!

Today I came in to Wits early and got all my internetting done as soon as possible in order to start working on my essay. Then I discovered that my laptop hates me! I started to open all the necessary programs to start on my essay and to my horror, discovered that I can no longer use MS Word! I have not yet registered my Word online due to the fact that the Wits network firewall or something will not permit me to! I can't do it at home as my internet connection at home is a bitch to set up on my laptop. Woe is me!

I figured I needed to rectify the problem and thus went on a quest to find our departmental IT guy and ask him to help me. He is really brilliant with all the computer nonsense that we seem to generate and throw at him. That is, he is brilliant until he...isn't there.

He was out somewhere in my time of need! Oh the betrayal! There I was, having a fit because all hope of making headway on my essay was dashed on the jagged shoreline of technology and Herman, the IT guy, was off cavorting around somewhere!

But, apparently, he would have been back by 11:30. So I just went up to the honours room to do some reading and ended up surfing the net. It really is a curse having free internet access where you are supposed to be working...I'm sure many of you can sympathise.

I then had an Animal Behaviour lecture with our new lecturer, Martin Whiting. He has been off on sabatical (sp?) for the last year and had just returned from Kenya. It is rather funny because we found a song about Kenya at:
This then became Martin's unofficial theme song. Any time that we had anything to do with Martin or talked about him, someone breaks out in song.

I had to leave the animal behaviour lecture early to go to a pre-lab tut for my first years who I had to TA that afternoon. After that I TA'ed until 16:30, after which I checked my e-mail and started to blog but gave up.


So, today I got up and took my sisters to their extra science lesson, for which they were late as usual. I then found out from them that I was the only available person that could go and fetch them. This really screwed up my plans because I had to be at Helen's 21st birthday party at 12:00 and their lesson would only end at 11:00. So I drove like a maniac and went from their lesson way in the south, to eastgate to buy her present, to the south again to fetch them and then drop them off at home, and then back to eastgate to fetch a friend, Anita, who I was giving a lift to.

So I pulled this all off in record time and drove off with Anita and the directions that I had downloaded off the internut on how to get to the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens, where the party was happening. At this stage in my blog, I would like to just let the general public know that the Mweb directions service SUCKS!!!

I ended up at the reserve, just that it was on the total opposite side to where the entrance is! Anita seemed to find it all very amusing, and I must admit that it was rather fun getting lost. And, we did eventually find our way to the entrance.

The whole reason why we had to get directions off the web was because Helen's inclosed directions with the invitations were from once you were half-way there. So once we got to the place we were really relieved to have made it! Then, we headed in and at the gate were to give our names and say that we were here for the party. We did this and were then handed a slip of paper. On the paper were directions to the picnic spot where the party was happening. They read 'Follow the red brick road until you see the sign to Lion's Bridge. Cross the bridge and you'll be there!'

Problem was, as we left the entrance, the red brick road split into two...

By sheer chance, we took the correct path and found the place. Once we arrived, I went to chat to Eebee about the essay and see how he was doing. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he was also battleing to pull it all together! Not that I should revel in his misfortune, but at least I knew I wasn't the only one. So we reluctantly decided to interupt Neville's leave and SMS him requesting an extension. To our surprise, he granted us another week!

The rest of the day was great. I was so much more relaxed knowing that I had enough time!

That's all for now. I'll try blog again tomorrow.



  1. Luke you didn't tell me you had a blog you bugger!! How else am i supposed to know what you do with your time? I mean, how else would I know if I didn't see you every day ... but still!!! At least I am an uber great brilliant stalker ... ahem... mean INVESTIGATOR and I found you. Without your help. How terribly rude. I like your blog. You use pretty colours.

  2. Aren't you scared those ostriches will gooi you??? I would be.

  3. I was! It was really scary! I woke up in my tent and went outside to discover that there were ostriches all around me! That's why the photo is taken from a fair distance away...