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Saturday, May 27, 2006


Hola general populous...

I have had one of the worst last-two-days ever! As you will know from reading my last post, I went in to Wits yesterday to try and organise the vehicle that I need to take off on fieldwork with me tomorrow. Alas, Marcus never pitched or tried to contact me yesterday, so my day was somewhat of a waste overall. So I got fetched by my mom at around 6:45 pm due to the fact that we only have 2 cars at the moment, so I had to leave the car for the rest of the family to use.

I really don't enjoy not having my independence and having to wait for someone to fetch you emphasises that.

So I got home and two of my best friends came over, Alice and David. They had come over to watch DVD's but seeing as I got home so late they were forced (in part by my nutty mother) to have some dinner. After that we went and watched 'Tristan and Isolde' (I think that that is how it is spelt). It was a really romantic movie. I'm not one to go straight for the romances and bawl my eyes out at the ends but this one was really rather good!

Shortly after the movie was over, as well as our hot chocolate finishing, they left. I then watched a movie called 'The Cave' on my laptop while I was in bed. It was hysterical! It was so badly done that I chuckled all the way through!

Anyway, that evening I didn't sleep very well because I was so worried about the stupid car thing! I kept thinking that I had to get hold of Marcus at all costs and so I didn't get much rest. I know, it is silly but I couldn't help it!

So today I got up and drove all over trying to organise stuff for the fieldwork (GPS, some indian food that I had left at a friends house in the fridge...the usual). I also tried many times during the course of the day to contact Marcus.

I swear, he should be a spy! He is impossible to get hold of! It's amazing! I left a message on his phone, one on his wifes phone and an e-mail. I even tried to call him on his home phoneline and it told me that the number didn't exist! It was really frustrating!

Then, just as I went to the toilet, he called! It was terrible because I had my phone in my pocket but I didn't want to answer in the bathroom! So I pulled up my pants and tore out of the loo and into the garden. I got to speak to him and organised to collect the keys from him tomorrow.

Now that that had all been sorted out I went with my mother and grandmother to go see my grandad in the hospital. We went off to the hospital and as I got into the SICU, one of the nurses moaned at me because you are only allowed two people in there at once and there were three of us.

So I went off to sit in the waiting room. As I sat down I realised that my fly had been down since I left the bathroom! It was so embarassing! I had stood in my garden, sat in the car all the way to Milpark hospital from Bedfordview, traversed the full length of the corridors of the hospital, got shouted at by a nurse and walked the corridors again without noticing! I sincerely hope nobody else did either!

Anyway, after seeing him we all returned home, had some dinner and watched some really funny adverts that were downloaded off the internut. I'm off to bed now. The photo below is simply so that I have something to put on my profile. I hope it works...

By the way, I tried Toms quiz of the day and I am apparently an Out and Proud Queer.

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